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The brain is a vital and complex organ in the body. It comprises of billions of nerves that carry information in and out of the brain. The brain controls all body functions and maintains homeostasis in the body. Many of us are engaged in daily habits that could damage the brain. Usually, we don’t realize the effect of these habits. Thus, to keep our brain healthy and prevent brain damage, we should avoid the following habits;
  • Missing breakfast.
The first meal of the day is essential for our wellbeing and should contain all the necessary nutrients in the right proportion. T to keep the body healthy and for optimum performance in our daily activities.  The brain requires adequate nutrients at the right time to function properly. As a result of our busy lifestyle, most of us skip breakfast to save time. This reduces nutrient supply to the brain and long term effects may damage the brain cells.
  • Lack of sleep.
Sleep is vital for the normal function of the brain and body system. Healthy adults require about 7 -9 hours of sleep per night to function normally. Furthermore, Children and babies require even more, of about 10-17 hours of sleep daily depending on their age. Also, sleep deprivation results in daytime drowsiness, tiredness, depression, and loss of memory. Prolonged deprivation of sleep speeds up the death of brain cells.
  • High sugar consumption.
The brain requires adequate nutrients to function optimally. The research revealed that added sugars may deplete nutrients from the food that has been consumed. However, excessive sugar intake reduces the absorption of crucial nutrients in the food we consume resulting to malnourishment eventually and brain problems such as learning disorder and poor memory.
  • Dehydration.
Dehydration occurs when you lose or use more fluid than you take in. In addition, the body lacks enough water to perform normal functions in dehydration. Similarly to dried plant leaves without water, the brain cells dry out and shrink during dehydration.
5. Eating meals while watching TV or Computer
 The brain is distracted when eating and watching TV. This causes the brain to transmit wrong signals and does not process the taste or satisfaction of the palette hence, leads to overeating. Prolonged overheating may decrease brain function. A 2012 study suggested that high caloric intake over time may actually raise a person’s odds of developing memory loss later in life, says a report in  Harvard Health.
6. Wearing a cap or scarfs while sleeping.
Sleeping with the head covered has been shown to increase carbon dioxide consumption and decrease oxygen consumption. This is as a result of the fall in oxygen concentration in the blood. This can lead to damage of the brain cells. 
  1. Playing loud music with earphones or headphones.
Do you know that long term usage of earphones/headphones can cause brain damage?. The higher the volume the higher the risk of eardrum damage. Hearing loss causes the brain to allocate most of its resources to help with hearing at the expense of cognitive function. This excessive pressure can have a harmful effect on the brain.
 Which of these habits are u fond of? And how do you intend to do away with it? Let’s discuss
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The author Oluwapelumi

Oluwapelumi is health and wellness expert with years of experience in this field. She likes reaching out to people as to how they can live a healthy lifestyle.

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