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How to stay motivated during your workout

How to stay motivated during workout

Have you ever started an exercise program session to keep fit or lose weight fast, then you stop at some point? If your answer is yes, you are not alone in this, it happens to so many others. Many people lose interest in the exercise sessions when they get bored or little or no result is visible. Below are ways to stay motivated during your workout:


  1. Set realistic goals

Ensure that your goals are realistic and easy to achieve. Put your overall daily routine activity into consideration when planning out your exercise session. It should be at a time when you are free or less busy. Start with a short exercise program duration, then it can be increased over time.

     2     Fix a constant workout time

Fixing a constant workout time as part of your daily routine helps you stay committed and focused. It also ensures that you set up an ideal free time that is more convenient for our workout.


  1.     Make it fun and interesting

Ensure you choose workout activities that you enjoy and look forward to like  dancing, sports, listening to music or audio books during workout sessions etc.  It makes the workout session less boring and keeps you committed to it. Ensure you vary the routine to keep it fun. If you get bored at any point, try something different from the usual exercise routine.


  1.      Reward yourself                                                                                                                                                                                                     At the end of each workout session, take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the feeling that exercise creates in the body. The body naturally produces feel good brain chemicals called endorphins after exercise. This makes you feel good and super-energized. Furthermore, Gifts can also help to stay motivated. When you achieve a longer range workout goal ,treat yourself with something nice that you love or want to have.


  1. Document your workout accomplishments on paper

Keep a daily record of your workout activities, duration of the exercise , how you felt afterwards, the weight loss that was achieved within a month. This helps you keep track of your progress throughout the workout session. Also, write down your goals and the results you intend to achieve at the end of your workout program. This keeps you motivated and focused.


  1. Invite friends neighbors or others

Exercising with friends or family during workout sessions, keeps it fun and interesting to look forward to. It keeps you motivated during the workout time.



Exercise is important to stay healthy. Motivation is the willingness to achieve something. The motivation could be channeled towards keeping fit or on how to lose weight fast. Hence, it comes from the mind. Also, to stay motivated during a workout session, have positive thoughts about exercising and the benefits it offers.



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Tips for running exercises


Running is a great way to stay fit and to keep a healthy lifestyle. Although indoor exercises are very important, most individuals prefer running exercises to other forms of exercise for various reasons like running helps some people think straight, clear their mind, ease of stress amongst other reasons. Many individuals are more familiar with safety tips for indoor/gym exercises compared to outdoor exercises such as running or jogging. The tips for running exercises keeps it fun and something to always look forward to. Application of these tips also trains  us on how to run faster. The tips also enable us to run longer distances because it makes running quite easier and less boring.

Below are the tips for running exercises:


Running Exercise tips


1.Dress Comfortably

It is important to wear comfortable clothes during running exercise to aid movement. Cotton material is not ideal for runners because it absorbs sweat and causes wetness.This makes running exercise quite uncomfortable. Appropriate clothing for running includes:

  • Shorts (supple nylon material)
  • T-Shirts/Vest (Prolypopylene material)
  • Socks- it helps to keep the feet warm, dry, and blister-free.
  • Hats/Gloves- They are essential in cold conditions to keep warm.
  • Running shoes- Sneakers 

2. Always run with your phone, ID CARD, ATM, Cash

These are necessary majorly in case of an emergency. The phone can also be used to take pictures or listen to music while running to make it fun. Ensure that the music is not too loud to be aware of sound within the surrounding.


3. When running in an unsure location, ensure it is daybreak before you run.

Running in an unknown area in the dark is not safe or advisable. Safety first!


4. Ensure you always face the opposite side of traffic.

Make sure you face the opposite side of traffic when running. It keeps you aware of a coming vehicle so as to avoid road casualties.


5. Always have a target for each run.

This will help you to stay focused and to know much you have achieved for each run. Avoid setting unrealistic targets.It is alright to start with short distances, then it can be increased over time.

6. Avoid taking unnecessary items when running.

You need to be as light and free as possible to run properly.


7. Stay hydrated.

It is important to consume water and stay hydrated when running. If your running route lacks access to water, you may take your water bottle containing fluid along to keep hydrated.


8. Ensure you do dynamic stretches before running and static after.

Dynamic stretches are movements that help to warm up your body before the start of any exercise. Static stretches extend the muscles for a period of time and prevent the muscles from being overstretched.


9. Modulate your run.

Increase your pace and speed gradually. This improves oxygen use and glycogen storage in the body.


10. Maintain appropriate posture when running.

This helps to aid movement and reduce discomfort.


11. Avoid running with your facemask on.

Wearing a facemask may cause difficulty in breathing and eventually reduces the oxygen levels in the body. If there is no way to run and keep a safe distance in your location, stick to indoor exercises.


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